• Pazar. Ağu 10th, 2014

    Wedding Time !

    Last weekend I witnessed the wedding of two people I hold dear. As I enjoy weddings, it was a great day for me. I’ve bought this dress from Zara five years ago for my cousin’s wedding and I had the chance to wear it once again for my boyfriend’s cousin’s
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  • Salı. Ağu 5th, 2014


    Lately I’m obsessed with blue-white colors, and it doesn’t matter if I’m in the office or outdoors.I can’t resist them when I see blue-white together. Another thing about this season is the combination of different patterns and elegant stripes, I’m pleased with the results I see. It’s hard to that
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  • Pazartesi. Tem 28th, 2014


    Güzel bir bayram sabahından herkese merhaba, Sizlere bu satırları yazarken şu anda bir hayli keyifli olduğumu belirtmeliyim. Güzel bir serinti eşliğinde annemle karşılıklı kahvelerimizi yudumluyoruz. Karşımda dünya yakışıklısı bir Golden olan Cesur oturuyor. Evdeki kızımı ne kadar özlesem de şu anda kendisi pek onu aratmayacak gibi geliyor bana. Ailecek uzun bir
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  • Cumartesi. Tem 12th, 2014

    Sunday Funday

    I, who ran straight to the bed after coming home from work, forgot to write this wonderful post.If you are following me on Instagram and caught me with the VW, you are actually aware of the content of this post :). You know that I added what I had on
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  • Salı. Tem 1st, 2014

    All White

    I’ve mentioned that I’ve found the best summer dress on Instagram. It is perfect to wear both for work and for going out to a nice dinner on a Sunday evening. Since I adore this color, I don’t want to take it out; but on the other hand I’ve spilled
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